About Digital Kaizen and our Story – draft

We never had the intention to become one of Perth leading SEO Consultants. We actually started out with a simple idea, a basic (cheap) looking website and virtually no website visitors.

We got into business to help people, to be of services and to add value to other peoples lives. For over 4 years we have set up our own web based businesses that utilise online marketing channels to generate more business and to increase profits with maximum automation.

With a passion for business and online marketing Fabian Linge founded the Perth SEO Company in order to help small to medium business owners like you to take advantage of the nearly endless opportunities to market their businesses online.

You can find out more about Fabian and his story on his personal Blog. On his blog he also shares how he started a simple (and free) website and turned it into the number one resource in it’s industry driving more than 100,000 monthly visits.

What you can expect from the Digital Kaizen

We are not a big SEO Company where you will only be a number and will be assigned to a so called “SEO Account Manager”. Not at all!!

You will be talking directly to Fabian, a professional SEO Expert that will first of all LISTEN TO YOU and your business goals to understand what your business is all about and where you see yourself and your business within the next 2-5 years.

If you are looking for a “quick fix solution”… someone you can just tell which keywords you want to rank for and then walk away and wait for the results to come in… then you have come to the wrong place!

You will be required to WORK WITH US (at least at the very beginning!) in order to achieve the results you desire.

You see… we can only be of service to you if we know exactly what it is you want to achieve… what type of customers you are targeting… what type of products and services you are offering and who can benefit from those products and services the most!

Only then we can go to work and drive highly qualified “ready-to-buy” customers to your website… while you can step back and focus on the things that you do best…which is running your company and serving your customers!

Personal Service and Online Marketing Strategies Tailored to Your Unique Business

Fabian will take the time to meet with you and discuss your individual business goals in order to develop a unique online marketing strategy that will help you turn your goals into reality.

If you have any questions and pick up the phone you will be speaking directly with Fabian and not to someone who doesn’t know anything about SEO or your business!

We have hand picked and trained a small team of online marketing professionals that help with execution and implementation once the strategy is set.

Fabian is the lead SEO and ensures that the architecture is set right and all of our systems are rock solid and updated with all the latest Google changes.

So… are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Thanks for dropping by and…

We Hope To See You At The Top!

PS: If you are ready to invest some time in the long term growth of your business click here to contact us and we can meet over a cup of coffee to show you how you can attract more highly targeted customers, grow your business and ultimately make more money from your website.

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