Mobile Marketing

As empowered customers continue to seek out brands that put customer experience first, mobile marketing has become more than just a supplement to your digital strategy - it's a necessity in its own right.

Don’t stay still, go mobile…

The mobile landscape is booming. Everywhere you look, people are browsing websites, making purchases, and connecting with brands with devices that fit right in the palms of their hands. Our mobile marketing services allow you to find and engage your customers where they spend most of their time – on mobile devices.

As new technology grows ever-more impressive, the power of mobile is only going to grow, with more mobile users online today than desktop browsers. In fact, 48% of customers feel frustrated when they don’t get the same experience on mobile, as they do on a desktop.

Remember, 74% of customers are more likely to return to a mobile-friendly site in the future. That means we can help you not only attract visitors, but keep them coming back for more.

Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing

Our mobile marketing services are your opportunity to reach out and connect with customers wherever they are. With mobile marketing, you can break down the walls and restrictions of typical digital advertising methods, and communicate with your customer when it counts most. Through text-based search advertisements, to graphic display ads, and even in-app marketing.

As 82% of smartphone users begin to use their mobile devices to search for companies near them, mobile marketing services can ensure that you have a line on your customers when they’re most ready to buy. Our mobile marketing services involve more than just a strategy for upgrading your website and adapting your marketing media. We provide a range of mobile solutions, including:

  • Mobile website auditing: We’ll check the performance of your website on mobile devices to ensure that your customers are getting the same seamless experience wherever they choose to connect with you.
  • The creation of mobile advertising materials: Choose from search ads, display ads, video ads, and mobile app ads to find the media that speaks best to your customer. We’ll work with you to analyse your user personas and choose the marketing materials that should earn you the best market share.
  • Performance Analytics: Track the performance of every ad with comprehensive insights into Google analytics strategies. Our mobile marketing services include constant performance evaluation so that you can quickly improve and adapt your campaign based on the response from your consumer base.
  • Complete control: Our mobile marketing services allow companies to take complete control over their advertising efforts – not only in Perth. You decide what your budget is, whether you want to adjust your reach to a local or global scale, and where you want to focus your advertising campaigns.

Make Room for Mobile

As customers continue to search for companies that can give them more out of their connected omni channel experiences, mobile marketing services could be the key to differentiating your business from competitors in your space. We’ll help to make sure that you’re mobile optimised all the way from your website, to your sales pages, and your marketing copy.


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Whether you want to connect with your audience while they’re playing games on their favourite apps, connecting with friends through social media, or browsing the web from their smartphone, Digital Kaizen can help you to make the most of mobile marketing.

Remember, it’s the businesses that stay static that fall behind. Move forward. Go mobile.

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