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The web is a powerful place for businesses. With 100 billion searches performed on Google each month, and 81% of shoppers conducting research online before they make a purchase, the average brand requires a strong online presence if they want to get ahead in this competitive marketplace.

Alone, perfecting your online strategy could take months – or even years of your precious time. However, utilising our professional team of digital marketers, you can enjoy a traffic-boosting service that offers authentic, measurable results all the way from start to finish.  

With years of experience developing exceptional digital strategies for customers all around the world, our lead generation experts know exactly what it takes to transform your brand with sustainable, valuable traffic.

Our framework for success is one that’s tried, tested, and customisable to your company needs. Because our process is dynamic, we can adjust our efforts based on your campaign data, new algorithm changes, and industry developments.

Step One: Research and Analysis

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to online success. That’s why Digital Kaizen focus on creating bespoke branding and marketing services, based on the unique requirements of your business. We’ll work with your company to discover everything we’d want to know to inform our proven strategies for success, before creating a plan that’s perfectly tailored to your business, and industry. Our research stage involves:

  • Discovery: A comprehensive questionnaire where we work to learn as much as we can about your company and goals.
  • Audits: To give us a strong foundation to work from, we’ll perform an analytics audit that explores the details of any current or previous campaigns. We’ll also fix any bugs or tracking issues that might prevent us from properly tracking your digital marketing efforts.
  • Industry research: We’ll use the latest tools on the market to monitor competing websites in your industry and get an insight into the most effective strategies for your niche. This will help us to formulate the best plan of attack for your company through a multi-channel marketing strategy.

Step 2: Planning

Once we’ve learned everything there is to know about your company and industry, we can begin to plan your strategy for success. Our planning process includes:

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  • Keyword Mapping and SEO: Our team of SEO experts seek out the best keywords for your business, so we can attract the most qualified leads to your business. We’ll organise your keyword efforts, and help to ensure that your PPC campaigns are sending customers to the right pages on your website.
  • AdWords and Web Design: We’ll help you to transform your AdWords campaign into something with the potential to truly engage your audience. We offer a range of PPC management services, mobile app advertisement strategies, and remarketing services to enhance your online presence.
  • Persona Development: As today’s customers become more concerned with getting the ultimate “personalised” experience, it’s important to make sure that you’re speaking to the right people. Our careful audience profiling process will help us to focus your reach with the right voice, content, and marketing campaigns, to engage your customers
  • Link Audits and mapping: Your linking strategy can help to ensure your brand authority online. That’s why we make sure that all of your links are having the right impact on the search engine result pages.
  • Social media marketing strategies: We’ll help you to choose the best platforms for your social media marketing campaigns, and ensure that you have the resources required to share content according to a strategic content calendar.
  • Content Calendar Development: Our content experts will help you to choose and schedule the content that will help to capture the attention and loyalty of your customers. We’ll outline everything from the keywords that are to be covered in each piece, to publishing dates.

Step 3: Growth and Adjustment

Once your digital marketing campaign has been implemented, we’ll track every conversion and every important metric, to make sure that you’re always getting the best results. Our online marketing management services come complete with analytics and adjustment solutions, to help you upgrade your conversion rates, enhance your websites, and improve the quality of your lead generation tactics.

Browse through our services today to find out more about what Digital Kaizen can do to upgrade your online marketing efforts.

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