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There's strength in connections - that's why link building is one of the most powerful ways to establish your authority and gain traction in your chosen industry.

Link building strategies that work

We can help you discover all the benefits of link building, through a natural, sustainable, proven strategy designed to establish brand authority, and generate new traffic.

Once a strategy that was used and abused by black-hat SEO companies in search of a quick fix for website rankings, link building today has become a precise art form, requiring careful attention to detail and respect. One wrong move in Google’s eyes, and your poor link building practices could send you to all the way back to the dark pages of the search results.

Our team uses only the most ethical, and effective link-building strategies, to make sure that you’re always on Google’s good side.

Build Your Way to Better Authority

Though there are countless strategies involved in a comprehensive SEO strategy, link building remains to be one of the most powerful ways to define your authority online. With the right links, you can announce your authority to the search engines, and convince them to place you above your competitors in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), for stronger organic traffic.

We work closely with your company to create a link building strategy that not only convinces Google that you deserve to be at the top of the pack, but also keeps you free from any spammy links that might damage your pristine reputation.

For years, we’ve worked alongside brands from all backgrounds and sectors, to design services that offer natural, sustainable traffic, for ongoing and measurable ROI on your marketing efforts. We work hand in hand with your company to develop custom link building strategies that focus on generating tangible results. No more old-fashioned techniques, no more dangerous methods – just proven success.

Your Unique Solution to Local Link Building Services

We begin every link building strategy with a close evaluation of your existing profile, helping to situate you in comparison to your competitors and determine how you can get ahead of the other brands in your space. Once we know what we’re working with, we can begin to implement an exclusive strategy, carefully tailored to your long-term goals.

Content marketing and Social media marketing are the major factors of link building now. With our SEO service expertise and our local approach to customer service right here in Perth, we can design customised plans for link building that are sure to establish your authority in your industry and make sure that you’re only gathering links from the most relevant sources. We’ll even add a little bit of diversity to the mix, to ensure that you’re getting the broadest collection of valuable backlinks.


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Start Building a Stronger Brand

As Google continues to crack down on SEO practices, it’s more important than ever to work with a link building team that you can trust. Here at Digital Kaizen, we don’t play games with your link building strategy, we just give you proven solutions that win.

It’s time to start taking control of your link profile. Whether you’re trying to recover from a few shoddy links that found their way to your website, or you’re building your authority from scratch, we can help you to discover the connections that will help create your success.

We can also help you control your Google my Business listing as well as maintain your raking with our SEO friendly website migration. With out technical SEO audit service, we will provide a detailed information on how the technical aspects of your website perform, and their impact on SEO.

Get in touch with our Perth based SEO link building team today, to start building your ranking and your reputation.

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